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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Placing the learner at the heart of everything we do!

Our Vision

Guildford College’s Vision is to be recognised as an excellent college leading change and innovation in the world of education and skills.

Our Mission

Guildford College’s mission is to inspire and enable individuals, employers and the communities it serves to be successful by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their ambitions and aspire to new challenges.

Our Values

As a leading general Further and Higher Education College our values are:

Integrity – being open, honest, professional, reliable, trustworthy, good reputation.

Respect – for others, for all who work and study here, for individual opinions and differences, for our partners, the environment and the local community.

Quality – of our customer service, the experience of our learners, our staff and the environment in which we live and work, modelling and encouraging excellence.

Being Responsive – to our customer needs, to changing external factors, managing change, never too big to be versatile and agile, adapting to changing circumstances.

Being Bold – having the courage of our convictions to stand up for what we believe is right, to champion those who come to us for support, being innovative, creative and committed, not afraid to abandon the easy path and to lead the way.

Caring – keeping the College, staff and students safe, taking the long term view, nurturing ambitions and skills, celebrating difference, acting as effective and responsible stewards of the learning community, safeguarding our students’ futures.

Equality & Diversity - actively promoting equality and celebrating diversity.

Key Priorities & Corporate Aims

Over the next 3-5 years the College’s priorities are:

  • Consolidating core provision
  • Raising standards and becoming Ofsted ‘outstanding’
  • Achieving organic growth with a readiness to respond to market opportunities
  • Developing and delivering a (longer term) ten year vision
  • Agreeing and implementing a Balance of Investment programme
  • Building and retaining a highly skilled trained and motivated workforce


In addition to these priorities the College has a series of Corporate Aims which are:

  • Meeting learners’ needs
  • Raising Standards
  • Valuing our people
  • Investing in high quality learning and working environments
  • Maximising income and business efficiency