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Corporate Governance > Corporation - Access to documents and confidentiality arrangements

Corporation - Access to documents and confidentiality arrangements

Access to Corporation documents

The confirmed open minutes of Corporation and committee meetings are published on the College website.  

Copies of all agendas, papers and minutes are held by the Clerk.   

Requests for information about the Corporation and its business not available through the College's Freedom of Information Office, the College website or otherwise in the public domain can be addressed to the Clerk to the Corporation.

Corporation confidentiality arrangements

The Corporation is committed to openness and transparency and, as a result, seeks to keep confidential items to a minimum.

The vast majority of Corporation business is dealt with in the open section of meetings (ie Part A) . Only issues where there is a good reason, such as commercial sensitivity, will be dealt with under the confidential arrangements (Part B or Part C depending on the specific topic).  

Clarification about the status of a particular paper may be sought from the Clerk to the Corporation [see Contact Us for details].