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Governance & Management

Statement adopted by Guildford College Corporation - November 1999

1. Summary

  • Policy, oversight, financial probity and monitoring are the business of the governing body.
  • Management and administration is the business of the Principal, CEO and management team.
  • The Board and CEO are a team and need to support each other and work closely together. A good working relationship between the Board and CEO is essential to achieve corporate goals.
  • The line between the Board and CEO should be clearly articulated and understood by Board members and senior managers.
  • Clarity about roles and responsibilities is paramount, and should be reviewed regularly.
  • The CEO, senior management and Clerk inform and guide the Board in making appropriate and effective decisions.
  • The Board has the final and highest level of authority in the policy-making process, but may not exceed its legal authority.

Responsibilities Under The Statutory Regulations


  • Determination of educational character and ethos
  • Articulation of vision, values and strategic direction
  • Oversight and monitoring of college activities
  • Effective and efficient use of resources
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Approving annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • Appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal, appraisal and determination of pay and conditions of CEO, senior post holders and Clerk
  • Setting framework for pay and conditions of service of all other staff
  • Setting framework for tuition and other fees
  • Financial probity


  • Making proposals to Corporation about the educational character and mission
  • Implementing policies and decisions
  • Organisation, direction and management of college
  • Leadership of staff
  • Appointment and management of staff within the framework set by Corporation
  • Determining all College academic and other activities
  • Principal accounting officer, accountable to Corporation and ultimately parliament.

Management and Corporation working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the college as a whole.

The Corporation

  • Defines the vision and mission
  • Strategic thinking and direction
  • Determines appropriate policy framework
  • Ensures financial solvency and probity
  • Determines pay and remuneration framework
  • Oversight of effectiveness of management
  • Monitoring of the quality of college performance locally and within the sector context
  • Maintains the assets of the college
  • The community’s voice within the college and represents the college to the community
  • Fosters collaborative partnerships
  • Well informed and committed
  • Reviews Board’s own effectiveness annually
  • Continual improvements to Board effectiveness
  • Appoints CEO and senior post holders and appraises CEO
  • Works with and supports CEO and team

Principal & CEO

  • Proposes vision, mission and strategy
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Implements Board decisions
  • Organisation, direction and day-to-day management of college
  • Principal accounting officer, responsible for financial well-being of college and accountable to Corporation and parliament
  • Ensures the provision of a quality curriculum and customer service
  • Represents the college locally and nationally, builds positive working relations and collaborative partnerships
  • Leadership of the staff
  • Executive management and development of college and staff
  • Appraisal of Senior postholders
  • Supports and informs Corporation, provides briefings and advice.

[Adopted by Corporation 6 November 1999]