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Members List

Membership of the Corporation
As at November 2018

John Denning

Chair of Corporation, Search & Governance and Remuneration
Member of Estates Development & Infrastructure 

1st term expires 26.03.17
(extended to 26.03.21)
Chair from: 01.04.14
Colin Byrne

Member Curriculum & Standards
Chair Estates Development & Infrastructure Committee

2nd term expires 31.12.19
Eddie Farrell

Vice Chair Audit & Risk

3rd term until merger

David Hayers

Member Finance & General Purposes

2nd term expires 31.12.19
Bill Stokoe

Vice Chair Corporation
Chair Finance & General Purposes Committee
Member Remuneration, Estates Development & Infrastructure
and Search & Governance

1st term expires 31.08.17 
(extended to 31.08.21)

Kevin Sykes Member Finance & General Purposes,
Estates Development & Infrastructure
1st term expires 09.07.17
(extended to 09.07.21)
Graham Carruthers

Member of Finance & General Purposes

1st term expires 01.06.19

Sue Sturgeon

Member of Finance & General Purposes

1st term expires 01.06.19

John Stone

Chair of Curriculum & Standards
Member of Remuneration 

1st term expires 31.10.19

Nick Samhembere

 Member of Audit & Risk 1st term expires 31.07.20
Cathie Prest Member Curriculum & Standards 1st term expires 01.08.20
Andrew Isherwood

Chair of Audit & Risk
Member of Remuneration 

1st term expires 15.11.20


Fiona Malley
Support Staff

Member of Curriculum & Standards 1st term expires 15/10/21



Jacki Hughes
Principal and Chief Executive

Member Curriculum & Standards, Finance & General
Purposes, Search & Governance, Estates Development
& Infrastructure

Ex officio from 08.07.17