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The membership of further education corporations has to fit into categories and number limits specified within the Instrument and Articles of Government.

Corporation currently has 20 members including: Principal, staff, students and general members.

Corporation operates through a structure of advisory committees:

  • Audit 
  • Curriculum & Standards 
  • Finance & General Purposes 
  • Remuneration
  • Search & Governance
  • Estates Development & Infrastructure

 In addition from time to time Corporation establishes time-defined working groups on specific strategic issues, and establishes appeals and selection panels as required.

All appointments and re-appointments go through a formal skills-based Search process, are made on merit and are approved by Full Corporation. 

You can access links to our:

All information about members, including access to our Register of Interests, how to communicate with them, committee terms of reference, and information about applying to join Corporation can be accessed from the Clerk based at our Stoke Park campus:

Robin Jones
Clerk to Corporation

Tel: 01483 44 85 05