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Data Protection > 11. Data Breach

11. Data Breach

11.1. Whilst the College takes information security very seriously, unfortunately, in today’s environment, it is possible that a security breach could happen which may result in the unauthorised loss of, access to, deletion of or alteration of Personal Data. If this happens there will be a Personal Data breach and College Personnel must comply with the College’s Data Breach Notification Policy. Please see paragraphs 11.2 and 11.3 for examples of what can be a Personal Data breach. Please familiarise yourself with it as it contains important obligations which College Personnel need to comply with in the event of Personal Data breaches.

11.2. Personal Data breach is defined very broadly and is effectively any failure to keep Personal Data secure, which leads to the accidental or unlawful loss (including loss of access to), destruction, alteration or unauthorised disclosure of Personal Data. Whilst most Personal Data breaches happen as a result of action taken by a third party, they can also occur as a result of something someone internal does.

11.3. There are three main types of Personal Data breach which are as follows:

11.3.1. Confidentiality breach - where there is an unauthorised or accidental disclosure of, or access to, Personal Data e.g. hacking, accessing internal systems that a College Personnel is not authorised to access, accessing Personal Data stored on a lost laptop, phone or other device, people “blagging” access to Personal Data they have no right to access, putting the wrong letter in the wrong envelope, sending an email to the wrong student, or disclosing information over the phone to the wrong person;

11.3.2. Availability breach - where there is an accidental or unauthorised loss of access to, or destruction of, Personal Data e.g. loss of a memory stick, laptop or device, denial of service attack, infection of systems by ransom ware, deleting Personal Data in error, loss of access to Personal Data stored on systems, inability to restore access to Personal Data from back up, or loss of an encryption key; and

11.3.3. Integrity breach - where there is an unauthorised or accidental alteration of Personal Data.