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Data Protection

Data Protection

1. Overview

The College’s reputation and future growth are dependent on the way the College manages and protects Personal Data. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data is a key responsibility of everyone within the College.

As an organisation that collects, uses and stores Personal Data about its employees, suppliers (sole traders, partnerships or individuals within companies), students, governors, parents and visitors, the College recognises that having controls around the collection, use, retention and destruction of Personal Data is important in order to comply with the College’s obligations under Data Protection Laws and in particular its obligations under Article 5 of GDPR.

The College has implemented this Data Protection Policy to ensure all College Personnel are aware of what they must do to ensure the correct and lawful treatment of Personal Data. This will maintain confidence in the College and will provide for a successful working and learning environment for all.

College Personnel will receive a copy of this Policy when they start and may receive periodic revisions of this Policy. This Policy does not form part of any member of the College Personnel’s contract of employment and the College reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. All members of College Personnel are obliged to comply with this Policy at all times.

If you have any queries concerning this Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer, who is responsible for ensuring the College’s compliance with this Policy.

Data Protection Officer, Barbara Jones
Tel: 01483 44 85 07