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Data Protection > 7. Transparent Processing - Privacy Notices

7. Transparent Processing - Privacy Notices

7.1. Where the College collects Personal Data directly from Individuals, the College will inform them about how the College uses their Personal Data. This is in a privacy notice. The College has adopted the following privacy notices: Guildford College Group General Privacy Notice, Privacy Notice – College Staff, Privacy Notice – College Students and Website Privacy Notice.

7.2. If the College receives Personal Data about an Individual from other sources, the College will provide the Individual with a privacy notice about how the College will use their Personal Data.  This will be provided as soon as reasonably possible and in any event within one month.

7.3. If the College changes how it uses Personal Data, the College may need to notify Individuals about the change. If College Personnel therefore intend to change how they use Personal Data please notify the Data Protection Officer who will decide whether the College Personnel’s intended use requires amendments to be made to the privacy notices and any other controls which need to apply.