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Equality Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Statement on Equality and Diversity

Activate Learning respects and celebrates differences in race, disability, gender, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith and religious beliefs, background or personal circumstance. We want everyone to feel valued and included in the college community and to achieve their full potential.

All forms of prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable, and we expect anyone who is upset by thoughtless comments or jokes, or experiences any form of discrimination or harassment to tell us.

This means our colleges are a place where ALL students and staff, whatever their circumstances or background:

  • are fully respected
  • feel welcomed
  • are treated in a friendly way
  • have equality of opportunity
  • have appropriate support

This site aims to:

  • provide you with useful information and links for all diversity and equal opportunity matters
  • be a useful resource to help you gain a better understanding of equality and diversity
  • keep you updated on College activities and upcoming events
  • provide information on how you can become involved
  • tell you what the law says along with your rights and responsibilities.
  • tell you how to report any discrimination or harassment.



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