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External Relations

This section covers information relating to Guildford College’s relationship with our external environment. These include the formal reports we are required to provide to our funding bodies, arrangements with other institutions, how we manage our relationship with the local community and how we retain contact with former staff and students.

Members of the public are also likely to find the same or related information is available from the external partners with which Guildford College has links.

Publication Classes

  • Government and Regulator relations
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Public relations

Government and Regulator relations

Information that Guildford College is legally obliged to make available to its funding and/or monitoring bodies. Such material may provide information as to how well Guildford College is performing:

  • Reports/returns to funding councils, inspectorates, standards bodies, research councils, professional bodies, government units etc
  • Teaching Quality Assessment and Research Assessment Exercise Policies (see also Teaching and Learning)
  • OFSTED Inspection Reports
  • QAAHE Inspection Reports
  • LSC (FEFC) Inspection Reports (Historical)
  • Financial memorandum with the LSC
Availability and Location

On paper from the Freedom of Information Officer, or via these websites:

Marketing and recruitment

Publications relating to student recruitment (UK and International), including the College prospectus. It also includes information related to the learning experience:

  • Prospectus
  • Open Days
  • Entry requirements
  • Widening participation
Availability and Location

On paper from the Freedom of Information Officer.

Public relations

Information that is created specifically by Guildford College to help publicise its facilities and activities. The majority of such information will have been created for prospective and current students, but may still be of considerable interest to those wishing to know more about what Guildford College has to offer and the activities of its students and staff:

  • College website
  • Press releases
  • Annual report
  • Prospectus
  • Course brochures
  • Newsletters and magazines
  • Current information provided to an enrolled student
  • Open Days
  • School liaison
Availability and Location

On paper from the Freedom of Information Officer.