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Student Charter

As a student, we want you to:

  • Be successful
  • Be safe and healthy
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution

We want you to be successful at College and we will:

  • Respect you as a valuable member of the College community
  • Deliver high quality lessons that are well prepared and interesting
  • Be punctual for all lessons and give you good notice of any changes
  • Provide a supportive personal tutor to help you with your studies
  • Discuss and agree an individual learning plan with you and identify any additional help and support based on your needs
  • Provide you with an assessment plan at the start of your course
  • Mark your work and hand it back within agreed timescales and provide constructive feedback
  • Communicate relevant information to you in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Switch off mobile phones during teaching, unless otherwise agreed
  • Be consistent and fair in how we treat you
  • Model the behaviours we expect from you
  • Support your learning through access to a wide range of learning resources
  • Ensure the college is a safe and healthy place to learn
  • Actively involve you and your student representatives in reviewing, shaping and improving your college experience
  • Offer opportunities to participate in a range of enrichment and social activities
  • Provide access to advice, guidance, financial support, welfare and counselling services
  • Challenge you if we feel you are not achieving your potential
  • Help you plan your next study step.

In order to be successful you will be expected to:

  • Behave appropriately at all times, not using offensive or inappropriate language and actions
  • Wear your College ID care at all times on a lanyard or on a clothing clip
  • Keep yourself and others safe by not bringing alcohol on, illegal drugs or weapons onto College premises
  • Follow instructions and take advice
  • Remove hats and hoods when on College premises
  • Treat fellow students, staff and College property with respect at all times
  • Attend and arrive on time for all timetabled lessons and activities (unless authorised in advance)
  • Make use of help that may be identified to support  your learning and wellbeing
  • Attend lessons properly equipped and prepared including bringing a pen, paper and other basics
  • Complete and hand in work within the agreed timescales
  • Participate constructively and actively in learning
  • Ensure you keep areas you use clean, tidy and litter free and do not consume food or drink in teaching and learning areas
  • Switch off your mobile phone and music players in teaching and learning areas unless agreed otherwise
  • Comply with Health and Safety regulations at all times
  • Adhere to the College’s smoke free policy by smoking only in designated smoking areas
  • Encourage and support other students in being successful at College by reminding them of this agreement
  • Represent the College positively at all times

If the College feels that you are not meeting your obligations under this Charter this will be addressed either by your personal tutor or through the Student Disciplinary process depending on the issue.

If you feel that the College is not meeting your obligations under this Charter you should make us aware of this through either your personal tutor, student representative, Students’ Union or the complaints procedure.

Equality and Diversity

Activate Learning is committed to the principles of equality and diversity for its learners and staff. We will ensure that no student receives less favourable treatment, directly or indirectly, on the grounds of age; colour; creed; disability; ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; gender; marital or parental status; race or sexual orientation.

So what does this mean for me?

  • You should feel that you are valued as an individual
  • You should feel welcome in the College
  • You should feel safe, make others feel safe and encourage all students to act responsibly.

This means - no bullying or harassment!

Make sure no-one feels unhappy, uncomfortable, or unsafe because of your words, actions or behaviour. If you experience discrimination in any form, contact your personal tutor or one of the Student Services team immediately or Email:, Text: “BESAFE” to 07973 551 114 or Tel: 01483 44 88 44 to be connected to a safeguarding.