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Help with customising this site to your needs

Many people are likely to be able to improve the accessible experience of this website and others on the web by customising their computer to suit their individual needs. It is possible to increase the size of the fonts, tweak the colour scheme and more using the accessibility features already on your computer or installing assistive technologies .

If that sounds like it would be useful to you we recommend you visit the user guides at the BBC My Web, My Way.

Let us know if you have difficulties using this site

If you find anything on this site difficult to use please email us at Your feedback is an invaluable part of helping us improve our website.

Limitations of this Site

Whilst we have made every effort to present the information on this site as clearly as possible. You may find areas of the site that require familiarity with the technical language of the subject, particularly in course details. This site has not been extensively tested by users with a large range of disabilities.


Activate Learning aims to provide a website that meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.0) at 'A' standard, with as much of the site as practicable at 'AA' standard. The site is continuously tested in a wide range of browsers and settings to ensure the site functionality is available to as many users as possible. All cascading stylesheets validate as CSS level 3.

Text Version

There is also a text version of this website available, use the link in the website footer.

Access Keys

The links on the main horizontal navigation bar for this website have been assigned numerical access keys.

Adobe Acrobat PDF files

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF documents on this website. You can download Acrobat Reader free from the Adobe web site.

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